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University Communications

Registration Form

Read the following terms for University-affiliated social media profiles and complete the form below. Please wait to hear back from the social media specialist prior to launching any new accounts.

University-Affiliated Accounts Agreement

  1. Campus social media managers agree to maintain active accounts, posting consistently and responding to inquiries in a timely manner.
  2. All social media platforms should have a specific purpose and topics should be relevant to the mission of Fresno State and/or your specific program.
  3. All social media content must be accessible, including alt-text and video captions.
  4. When moderating university-affiliated social media accounts, we do not ban users, block comments, hide comments, shadow ban users, or do anything that silences a voice in a space in which commenting is available.
  5. Please remember that all laws and policies apply, including but not limited to HIPAA laws, copyright laws, privacy, security and safety policies. 
  6. Adhere to all University Brand Standards. Your account's profile photo should be your group’s Fresno State logo (two-color) on a WHITE background. 
  7. Use strong and unique passwords for each account. Have a clear understanding of who has access to your accounts. Make sure more than one person has access to the account and can act as a backup social media manager.

Complete the following registration form and submit to University Communications to obtain approval of your social media name/handle. Please do not set up your social media account(s) prior to obtaining approvals.

The person in charge of managing the social media (SM) account is*
Which social media platform are you wanting to acquire?*