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Give to Fresno State

Inspiring Student Success

Raj Singh Badhesha

Raj SinghNow a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Fresno, Badhesha (2005) considers his time at Fresno State some of his most formative (and favorite) years. A member of the Smittcamp Honors College and the Craig School of Business Honors Program, he took advantage of every opportunity – educationally and socially. Badhesha loves the Central Valley and sees himself working, living, volunteering and being “involved with the University in one form or another for a very long time.”

Daniel Suvanto

Daniel SuvantoPatagonia Scholarship made it possible for Suvanto to attend Fresno State – but discovering a career path and unearthing new passions is the result of hard work, focus and persistence. Suvanto, an environmental science major, is energized by the outdoors and motivated to work for a company committed to preserving them. His future in Corporate Social Responsibility was cemented during a summer internship at Patagonia in Ventura, Calif. that included surfing every day.

Joy Mombourquette

Joy MombourquetteThe opportunity to be a part of the Smittcamp Honors College drew Joy Mombourquette (2005) to Fresno State and her experience as part of a close-knit group of classmates, supported and known by professors, drew her to medicine. Joy is currently a first-year fellow in Pediatric Rheumatology at Stanford University. She credits her education to the scholarships that made it possible and says her desire is to give back: “One of the reasons I became a physician was the hope that I could use the science I loved to help people and give back to my community.”


  • Inspiring Student Success
  • Inspiring Student Success
  • Inspiring Student Success